The Italian Jo Joudieh opened his own takeaway restaurant Monte Giove in 1999. John, as everyone knows him, was living in the Netherlands for more than 8 years. In his own country he met the Dutch girl Wiesje and in 1991 they both left Italy to start a life in the Netherlands. Now, approximately 20 years later John married Wiesje and they have two children.

Pretty soon John learned about the Dutch culture and the Dutch kitchen. In his environment he just couldn’t stop talking about the Italian passion for good food and drinks. “Italian food is so much more than just pizza”, he explains. “It is one of the richest and strongest kitchens in the world, the simplicity of a product is used to the fullest, furthermore, Italians have a great deal of respect for food.”

John got to turnover his passion for food into an Italian takeaway restaurant and catering company in the beautiful forest situated Norg . On August 19th 1999 he opened Monte Giove. The restaurant is named after the mountain Monte Giove near Terracina, his birth town in Italy that is over 2000 years old. On this mountain, 100 km south of Rome, there is a temple Giove. “It is my favorite place, at the seafront and you will find a lot of good seafood restaurants. Those restaurants are a good inspiration”, John explains.

At the beginning of Monte Giove John focused on takeaway pizzas and catering assignments. In it’s small location at the Westeind there simply wasn’t enough space for guests to enjoy their diner. In his ambition he soon converted his business to make place for some tables. In a short time Monte Giove build a good reputation. John always had a strong focus for quality and in his Restaurant he always uses the best products. The restaurant was too small. The hard work of John and his staff paid off and on April the 30th of 2004 Monte Giove re-opened with a much larger restaurant on a unique location at the Norger Brink.

The Italian Ristorante Pizzeria has grown to a restaurant with a high occupancy and many satisfied customers. “Everybody is pleased to come back here”, John says. “We are a very open and friendly restaurant. You can tell us everything and we really make use of our customers advises or remarks. We continue to improve ourselves and innovate, we have gained a lot of success by hard work. It is now the art of maintaining our success . Which can only be done by giving our guests the best quality and grant them a perfect evening in our restaurant.”