The best Italian specialties

Simplicity and respect for the products are two important features of the Italian kitchen. We cherish these features, just like the quality of the fresh products we use. We keep looking for the best quality. A lot of our delicious specialties is homemade, for example the pasta’s, pizza crust and ice. The basic principle is that as a guest you will taste the products as pure as possible.

In our open kitchen there are three chefs from Terracina, Sardinia and Sicily. The specialties from these regions are found on our menu and the dishes our chefs prepare for our guests. The diversity in our kitchen also gives a great variety in flavors and dishes.

In our restaurant we have a fixed menu but also a great offer in fresh products and new and innovative dishes. Our restaurant is supplied with fresh fish and meat products on a daily base. Our chefs are qualified to use these fresh products for delicious and exiting dishes.

Please ask our host what our chefs have in the stove for you!

Are you curious what specialties can be prepared for you in our restaurant? You can view our menu by clicking here.